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Highways & byways...

Another great week of cycling on the highways and byways around Limerick Clare and Tipperary. Summer nighthawks continues to get bigger and stronger. Well done to those members who started with the leisure group spins and have now jumped the divide into the Wednesday night hills and hollows spins (though admittedly its usually more hills than hollows !!).

Today’s Road Captain Philip lead the group to the coffee stop in Kilmallock with everyone staying together and the more experienced members coaching the newer Sunday members. After coffee and cake, a few laughs and a bit of gossip, the speedsters took the fast road home while the remainder of the group brought in a very respectable average of over 26km – not bad considering this was the group with the leisure spin graduates. Eamon suffered two punctures on the outward journey but the return home was thankfully uneventful. Well done to everyone, especially those who did their first 100km today. A landmark point in cycling.

Glin Knights Cycling Club had the order in early for good weather and ran a great event this morning for Enable Ireland. Meanwhile at the Tipp Wheelers Road Race in Golden today we were well represented by John Butler and Kevin Dunne in A4 division. Congratulation to Kevin on 6th place with 3 points and John who went out with a breakaway group in lap 2 before they were caught by the chasers where he finished strongly in a top 20 in the bunch finish. Great results for their first year of racing.

Have a good week everyone - stay safe and keep peddling

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