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Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team

Club Etiquette - Must Read

​This article deals with etiquette while riding with a group of cyclists. There are many unwritten rules, techniques, and traditions associated with cycling in a group. The group has language and signals that help to ensure the safety of the riders. New riders will learn the methods of safe group riding by listening to more experienced cyclists and by watching what happens during the group spin.

Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team

Cycling Tips

Very useful tips on how to improve your cycling experience. Find out how to change a flat, perfect your climbing and many more tips...

Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team

Food and Nutrition Tips

Excellent tips on what to eat before, during and after your cycle, improving your cycling experience. Find out what to eat and when...

Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team

Recipes and Drinks

Why not create your own tasty snack or drink to take with you on your cycling adventures...

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