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Here's how to never get lost again!

Did you know that you can map and upload routes directly to your Garmin device and it will show you exactly where to go? Well if you didn't then you might want to read the post below!

Step 1. Plug your Garmin device into your PC/Laptop and Log onto your strava account and create a route
Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team
Step 2. Map your route and click save
Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team
If you want to copy a route someone else has ridden on strava, go into the activity on click "create route"
Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team
Step 3. View your saved route and choose the correct export file to download. The TCX option provides more information and will work on all Garmin devices.
  1. GPX: Route details
  2. TCX: holds more info like power, heart rate, cadence etc.  
Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team
Step 4. When the file has downloaded, find it in the download folder and copy that into your Garmin which should be plugged into the PC. 
Find the folder NEW FILES and paste the saved route/file there and away you go 

The C4SC Team
Cycle4sickchildren Cycling Team
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