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We would like to reassure all friends and supporters of C4SC,  that no one on the committee or involved in the club receives a payment for the time they put into the club and this is written into our constitution.  Everyone is a volunteer and gives their time and services for free.

When we support a charity or good cause we do our best to research them before we offer them support. When making a donation we will try to buy them a piece of equipment that they need rather than make a cash donation.  The cash donations are to families that need help to cover the costs of looking after a sick child be that for travel, medical or day to day expenses and are back up with medical documentation from the nurse liaison manager at the University Hospital or by their own GP/Consultant.

There are general costs associated with running the club and events are covered totally by our generous sponsors and by club members themselves. If you have donated money at a club event such as the Awareness Tour or our Christmas collections at the Crescent Shopping Center, be assured that 100% of the money raise goes to charity.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the club.


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