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A walk in the carpark!

Saturday was cold and frosty on minor roads and resulted in our Saturday morning leisure cycle taking their bikes for a walk through the carpark of Woodies until they got the main road :) Quite a sight but well done to everyone for venturing out and then back to the Hub for a warming cup of coffee, hot chocolate, latte or similar.

Sunday had warmed up considerably and so the bunch of 20 headed out in high hopes of a lovely warm cycle towards Bruff and returning via Hospital and Tipperary Road. Not quite the warm day that Padraig had planned in his short sleeved jersey and short legs but not too bad overall for mid January. Roads were heavy and greasy and a sneaky headwind on the homeward leg ensured everyone kept in the train and took their shelter when they could. One minor fall towards the end – underlines the importance of making a call early but also not just relying on the call and looking out for yourself too.

Reminder - CI licences are due for renewal if you took yours out in January last year. Anyone who joined mid year, you have 12 months from your registration date. Until next week – lets be careful out there.

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