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Happy New Year 2017

So as 2016 closed out there was a bit of a rush from people to up their last few kms on the bike, achieve their public (or private) targets and pbs. And now, here it starts all over again for 2017.

A cold start to the New Year still saw the club spin go ahead under Paul’s direction with a 60km trek up to Applegreen coffee stop with a few sneaky small hills in Mountpellier and Birdhill just to blow out a few lingering cobwebs and get the year started. There were lots of individual and smaller groups out in the last few days as many people took advantage of the Christmas break from normal life and the generally warm(ish) and dry weather. So whether it was our members in China (Hi Emer), a little closer to home in France (bonjour Tom) or locally - well done to everyone.

Sportive season is within sight. Check out the C4SC event calendar to plan your 2017 event list – its updated regularly as we hear about events so keep a regular eye on it and and be sure to let us know about events we may have missed. 4th March is the first one to get in your calendar for the annual Pat Nolan event. 50km with a coffee stop mid way.

Cycling with C4SC is all about getting fit and healthy, sharing the kms on the road with new and old friends, random chats at coffee stops, finding that great coffee stop. So if you are just new to cycling or haven't been out in a while, check out our Saturday morning group to get you started again.

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