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Mungret Inclusion Park

Like many good ideas, Mungret Park started from a doodle drawn up on the back of a scrap of paper. C4SC is delighted to have been associated with the playground since the very start - assisting in the design and fundraising for many years. We are fortunate to be backed and supported by a large base of people who share our ethos of helping to build awareness of the needs of sick children while at the same time fundraising and offering support where it is needed. One thing that is common to everyone the world over, is that they too remember when they were a child and were sick. Whether it was as simple as a common childhood illness or something alot more serious, sick children want the love, support and cuddles of their parents and loved ones. The cycling club at C4SC helps to provide some financial assistance to parents and carers so that they can spend more time concentrating on providing that love, hope and cuddles. At the playground recently and, in a reversal of expectations, was a child pushing his mother on the wheelchair accessible swing. Not sure which of them was getting the bigger joy but it didn’t matter - that corner of the playground was full of laughs and squeals of delight. So for every child and adult, of all ages and abilities, who just wanted to enjoy the simple pleasures of a playground, this is Mungret Playground

Limerick Post

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