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Helping to put smiles on faces of Sick Children

What a year 2015 has been for the C4SC cycling team and we head into 2016 with positive energy both on and off the bike. We were able to make donations to charities and good causes, held a successful Awareness Tour for Mid West School for Hearing Impaired Children, had successful Christmas fundraising where €2.5k was raised for Neonatal unit at Maternity Hospital, new sponsors and partnerships made for 2016 onwards, currently providing support to two local families with more donations on the way shortly. We are fortunate to have Road Captains who volunteer to proving training and support to everyone in the club, which resulted in record numbers of first timers completing the 180km Ring of Kerry – the Holy Grail for new cycling enthusiastics.

The team supported numerous local, and not so local, charity events, while the Sunday spinners brought the pink C4SC Awareness team colours and motto out on the road every weekend. Fun on the road included one unluckly cyclist getting 3 punctures in the one day, on the road running repairs to bikes and shoes, another unlucky cyclist cycling up and down Molly Gap with a saddle held together with duct tape, random chats with locals at coffee stops, or getting lost on spins despite the marvels of gps satalite technology, and the childlike envy in everyone’s eyes when someone turns up with a new bike/helmet/shoes.

The C4SC inspired Mungret playground and park for all children is getting closer to completion. A massive thank you to all for their background work that will help see this project come to fuition. A fun place for able and disabled children to play together in the memory of all those children who never got the chance to feel the fun of the wind blowing in their hair on a swing, or the dizzy joy of the fun on a roundabout ride.

But nothing we do on the bike compares to the satisfaction of seeing the smiles on the faces on sick children and their families and carers when C4SC is able to provide help to make life a bit easier. C4SC cycling team – we cycle to make a difference to sick children. Join us in 2016 to help make a difference.

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