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Thank You from all of us at C4SC

Massive thank you to everyone involved in today’s Awareness Tour – the club members who volunteered to ensure no one got lost, went hungry, stuck on the roadside or went unphotographed. Thanks to the bike marshals & Paramedic Niamh (who thankfully wasn’t called on for assistance today), Mirror Glassworx, to Raw Cycles Limerick and StakerWallace Gaa for great venues for refreshments at start, middle and finish points, and to the cyclists from the multitude of local (and not so local) clubs who turned up in droves this morning to support the event. Fundraising figure will be available shortly. As an added bonus to today's fundraising work, we donated the surplus food to Novas Shelter, Mulgrave Street. Just a few photos now but loads more to follow.

check out the Tour photos!

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