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Hot spins and icecreams...

Well it was certainly a hot week, with heatwave temperatures a feature of all spins this week. Sunday spinners took advantage of slightly cooler weather and headed out to Newmarket on Fergus in search of ice creams. The group stayed together for the main spin before splitting into two in Shannon to allow the speedsters take off. Mmmmmm think of the story of the hare and the tortoise - a puncture slowed down the hares and to much cheering and hollering, the tortoises overtook and came home first 😀 All good fun – great group, great route, great laughs.

Saturday Leisure and Wednesday Nighthawks saw large group out on the road in almost melting conditions. Well done to everyone – no need to go abroad for some warm weather training this year. Ring of Kerry is the big one next weekend. Best wishes to everyone heading that direction. Keep hydrated and enjoy

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