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Scenic Ireland...

The first of the big events this weekend with both the Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare and the Tour de Conamara taking place. With both events located in two of the best scenic areas of Ireland, clubs from all over Ireland were well represented. Whether you completed the event at 20km/h or 30km/h, (or somewhere inbetween for the majority of club cyclists), cycling is a great sport for absolutely everyone, young or old, fit or not as fit, it doesn't matter as everyone goes at their own pace - fast on the downhills, sloooooow on the uphills 😁 From start line to finish line peddle away with old or new friends, stop for a cuppa or an ice cream along the way, and finish up knowing you have had a day with chats, laughs and a bit of exercise thrown in only interrupted by some friendly curses at the hills or the headwinds. All to be done again next week.

Coming up tomorrow night is A Cycle for Lisa - 45km from UL Campus and Saturday 2nd June Kerry Crusaders Cycling Club hold their annual Scenic Challenge - check out the poster for all the details.

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