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Wet, wetter, wettest!!

Wet wetter wettest was the only title you could put on today’s spin - at halfway point the coffee stop was a welcome break as we all crowded into Crowes Gala Quin to get in out of the rain. Joke was on us - what we thought was wet weather was only the prelude to the downpour which was yet to drench us for the homeward leg. We had one puncture and luckily it came in the only dry spell we had all morning so with a quick tube change, we were all back on the road again. It was a good tough 75km added to everyone's mileage and despite the weather, we had plenty of laughs too.

Ahead of our annual fundraiser in the Crescent Shopping Centre next weekend, we delighted to be able to send out some donations to CorkCity Hospitals Children's Club, Straight Ahead Ireland and Blood Bike Mid West as well as some family donations. Please come along and help us out next weekend – every few euro will go to helping families. Chat to us about cycling too. Set yourself a challenge for 2018 and get out on the bike with us. It’s a great way to get fit and meet new people on the way.

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