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Record breakers!!!

Some early morning low temperatures but a very sunny day out this morning for a club spin round the roads of West Limerick taking in the scenic spots of Croom, Knockfierna, Ballingarry, back to Croom and Fedamore. The two groups stayed together to Croom's first visit before the greyhounds were released. The hill in Knockfierna, mechanicals and a few punctures soon sorted out the greyhounds. Big thanks to Tom and David who passed up a trip up Knockfierna to help with puncture repair and were rewarded with a record breaking tube change. Hard luck CP Ducie – time to get your 3 minute record back 🤣 Thanks to road captains John and Kevin today

Saturday's group had another large group out for the traditional leisure coffee spin. Full rain gear seems to have been the uniform for the morning. Thanks as always to road captain Declan for keeping the group on the road every Saturday rain or shine.

Wet roads always leads to more punctures as the road debris of thorns, flint and glass get washed out the road and adheres to the wet tyres, getting carried along before slicing through to the tube. Be very vigilant when changing a tube that you have taken the offending sharp item out of the tyre so a second puncture doesn’t occur just 100m down the road. At least one spare tube, gas canister and tyre levers are as essential items of equipment as a helmet and lights.

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