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ROK 2017

The annual Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle weekend but unfortunately this year someone forgot to give a shout out to the weather gods. It was a bit wet and foggy but even that couldn’t didn’t spoil the craic and enjoyment for most people. Kerry scenery might not have been very visible on the climb up Coomakista and Molls Gap but a safe return to Killarney for the gang ensured everyone got their coveted medal. Well done everyone whether it was your first or more in club colours.

A fresh delivery of club kit this week from VeloRevolution will see even more of the C4SC gang out on the roads. A very bright and distinctive kit helps to make us visible on the roads but a plea to all the motorists out there – please watch out for all cyclists, give 1.5m passing distance when overtaking, stay out of the red cyclist box at traffic lights, that person on the bike is someone’s father, mother, son or daughter Stayin' Alive at 1.5

Saturday group had warm but heavy mist for their spin but it didn’t deter numbers while the Sunday spinners group 1 and 2 headed to Kilkishen together before splitting with group 1 completing 80km and group 2 finishing up with 50km. Well done everyone – same again next week

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