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St. Patricks weekend '17

So the weather lived up to all the usual expectations of Paddy’s Day weekend – wet, wild, windy with the odd few minutes of sunshine thrown in just to give us hope. Taking advantage of the bank holiday Friday 2 different troops took to the road. The early squad headed off at 7am for a lumpy 70km with the second posse taking the traditional 9am start and the first group visit of 2017 to Gallows and the infamous Golf Ball. Both covered good ground in testing conditions.

Saturday morning leisure group had our usual spin followed by warming up coffee.

Meanwhile usual Saturday morning cyclists Philip and Clair broke away from the normal leisure route to take on Molls Gap. Congratulations Clair – first of many cycles around the ROK we hope. Sunday group tells us they cycled 70km today - from the photos you’d be mistaken for thinking there was more time spent sheltering in the coffee shop than on the bike!!!

And speaking of time off the bike – well done to all the club runners out there pounding the roads putting in the training miles for various upcoming events during the year – including Joey Hannan Memorial Triathlon, Barringtons Hospital Great Limerick Run, Belfast City Marathon, Run Clare 2017 Eamon Moloney 10k, etc

While most of us got some right nasty weather this weekend, we prefer to just try forget about those who headed to foreign shores and managed to get sunshine spins - thanks for making us jealous John McMeel

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