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Cold sunshine...

Saturday group racked up another 35km in cold sunshine and warmed up with coffee and hot chocolate in The Hub afterwards. Sunday was a fresh but cold morning but that didn't deter the gang of 20 who headed out to Croom and Knockfierna this morning. With some taking the optional flat route direct to Ballingarry and others tackling Knockfierna twice in different directions, Kevin had to go one better and go for 3 ascents before joining everyone for coffee in Spar Ballingarry. Heading straight into a headwind the whole way to Fedamore and home, the main group formed themselves into a chain with everyone taking their turn out front battling the wind. All got home without incident. Group two had a bit of variety for their homeward route - more scenic route (ie wrong turn ;) ), a spill, and then roadside assistance crew fixing the puncture. All good in the end and home safely with no major injuries. Take care on the road. See you all next week

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