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The mad and the brave!

C4SC went dual sports this weekend with members putting on the running shoes to support the Milford Hospice 10km run and the Run Clare 2017 5K Resolution Run. Not to be outdone, Declan donned the fancy gear for his Saturday morning cycle – just not sure how easy you’re going to find Gallows on that new bike !! Philip did leadout for this week's Leisure Cycle, thanks for making sure everyone got back safely. Coffee and the craic excellent as always. Sunday morning saw all the wet weather gear being dragged from the depths of the wardrobes for a spin where everyone was waiting for someone else to wimp out and call a halt to the spin but no, quite a few mad/brave eejits turned up at Raw Cycles Limerick. All together, with everyone looking for a little bit of shelter, they headed towards Castleconnell for a series of hilly drags into Killaloe and Birdhill before sense finally prevailed and they headed for a shortcut home. Serious well done to everyone who ventured outdoors this weekend. If you got wet, we hope you dry out soon. If you managed to stay dry - we're jealous

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