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Another great week

Another great week on the bikes this week with big crowds at the Wednesday nighthawks, Saturday’s leisure spin and the Sunday spin where we had 2 groups out on the road. Saturday started a bit later than our normal time to take the frost into account and despite fears the Munster match might bring down the numbers, 16 hardy bikes still turned up to brave the roads and the cold for our Leisure Spin. Sunday dawned bright and sunny with a good bit of cold temperatures to remind everyone it was still mid January. Temperatures soon raised as everyone warmed up with a nice lumpy route towards Killaloe for traditional cup of coffee and a sampling of Declan’s home made power bars before the group headed over to Birdhill for a mad dash up the hill towards Shower Cross where the group split into two. Group 2 brought home a nice solid 60km while Group 1 took a bit of a more scenic (ie lumpier) and definitely faster spin towards the Clare Glens and Murroe with a bit of speed training thrown in for Kevin, Tom, Barry and John. Despite a few technicals with chains jumping loose, a spill ending up with a broken derailleur, a few minor skids on greasy roundabouts, and one kamikaze driver who tried to take out one of our cyclists on Mulgrave Street, a good spin for everyone. As always, be careful and be vigilant.

Lastly, keep an eye out on your bike storage – one club members bike was stolen overnight from their garage and this seems to be happening with increasing regularity. Please keep an eye out for this Focus – photo attached.

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