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Unseasonable warm weather

Unseasonable warm weather allowed for exposed legs with short bibshorts the order for the day on our Saturday Leisure spin. A lovely short 35km cycle followed by a long and very leisurely coffee stop in The Hub afterwards. Some members even forgoing the cycling part of the morning and just heading straight to the coffee stop !! Sunday dawned bright for another club spin where the group headed out the Ennis Road for a 65km route to include coffee in Newmarket on Fergus before onwards to Dromoland and back via Shannon town center (or via Smithstown for those who didn’t read the map !!)

Despite 3 punctures on the day, there was lively chat and group discussions on the main topics for this time of year. Not which tyres, hi viz vests or lights are the best for winter but "is the Christmas tree up yet"? Followed up the other main question of real importance – is it real or fake :)

Join us for a spin over the next two weeks for a chance to finish up the year and get a head start on the new years get fit resolutions.

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