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California Dreaming.....

California Dreaming lyrics were only half right today “all the leaves are brown, and the sky is … “ BLUE. Another fantastic weekend’s cycling with the Saturday Leisure Group having more new cyclists joining the group and getting out on the road gaining experience in group cycling and building up miles on the road. Well done to everyone taking up cycling at this late stage in the year – keep with it and next year’s sportives will be so much easier. The Sunday group headed towards Kilmallock in one big happy group before the Speedy Gonzales were released in Bruff and speed into the coffee stop. With them putting in the advance orders for coffee, the rest of the group brought up the rear and put in their own nice steady pace arriving in Kilmallock not to far behind and happy to see the queue diminished. Thanks to Spar Kilmallock for great service this morning – over 20 hungry and thirsty cyclists sure appreciated it. After a little regrouping, the two groups headed back to Limerick at their own respective speeds. Great to see some of the cyclists who commenced with the Leisure spins only relatively recently making the step up to the Sunday groups. No punctures this week but unfortunately a small wheel tip resulted in one cyclist coming off the bike – happily it was minor enough but a reminder that everyone needs to be vigilant on the road at all times. It was disappointing too that not a single car stopped to help out and make sure there were no injuries. In the words of the great "Hill Street Blues" Let's be careful out there.

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