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The Ring of Kerry cycle

The Ring of Kerry cycle often seen as the ultimate to new cyclists – 170km, one long day, no shortcuts, 2 hills, few drags, fantastic scenery, great craic & commradee, 11,000 cyclists all out for a good day. Many in the club did it yesterday for the first time ever, many for the 2nd, 3rd or more times. It was a tough one this year with wind and rain – just getting to the start line was an achievement, it meant you had set a plan for yourself, did the training, under took a challenge. Whether you were first or last to the finish line - well done and congratulations to everyone.

The Beginner and Leisure Cycle group was out again yesterday with more new members joining in to gain experience and kms on the road. These club spins have been a great eye opener to many people who were afraid to join a cycling club. If you are out there cycling on your own, come along next Saturday morning and try it out. Distance and pace is whatever you can manage - there is something to suit everyone.

Two great cycles next weekend – Tom & Jerry’s Limerick to Kilkee in aid of Down syndrome Limerick and Glin Knights in aid of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and Ronald McDonald House

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