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“Club of the Year” award nomination for C4sc

The Team were delighted in getting a nomination for club of the year award earlier last week. It was just reward for a hard season for a club that has formed only eighteen months ago . The club which has helped so many local charities and local support services for sick and disabled children along with creating awareness couldn’t believe the news . The nomination is reward in it’s self for all the work the team has put in both on and off the bike.

We are asking anyone with a cycling ireland members licence to vote cycle 4 sick children on the link below

2011 was a successful year for cycling, with membership continuing to grow, and programmes like Sprocket Rocket thriving. We saw an increase in the number of events in the calendar, and an overall increase in people getting on their bikes.

Thanks to all our sponsors for the help throughout the year. Massive thanks to all the support and to other clubs for voting for us .

Voting closes at 12noon on monday the 7th of November

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