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C4sc kids get summer under way

Cycling Summer Camp 2nd to the 4th of August

How does the SUBWAY Sprocket Rocket Skills Award Programme Work? The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Skill Award Programme requires riders to complete skill tests at three levels of difficulty for each basic skill of Pedalling, Balance, Cornering and Braking. The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Skill Award Programme . All information to run the skill sessions are outlined in the programme guidelines book. Every second week riders will be tested on the skills they have learned in the prior week.

Where do you deliver the programme? SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket is best delivered on a flat grassy area but can be delivered on tennis courts or a similar location. Our Location is in delta retail park behind fine wines next to Mid west spina bifida building

Certificates and Stickers Riders will be awarded achievement stickers for levels 1-3 for each skill (pedalling, cornering, braking and balance) when they complete level 3 for each skill they will receive a SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Award Certificates.

What resources are supplied? The resources required for the skills awards are: • Skills Award Logbook (each rider will have their own) • Skill Award Guidelines • Skill Award Certificates • Skill Award Logbook Stickers

Each rider will receive a SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Kit Bag The SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket Kit bag contains: • A Welcome Letter • Logbook • Helmet • T-shirt

Riders are responsible for bringing their own bikes to each session. These bikes can be any kind as long as they have 2 wheels etc ( all bikes can be left at the training centre overnight ). At the beginning of each session riders and coaches should complete a quick 5 minute bike safety check on each bike

cycle 4 sick children/Hibernia has an accredited SUBWAY® Sprocket Rocket club coach

points to note

the coaches have planned to take to older group 9-12 on the road .There we will aim for a successful performance of all the drills practiced , with the emphasis on individual rider skills and not who is the best in the group . here everyone is a winner

allow ample time for skill development and focus more on positive feedback and the skills needs of the drill , rather than negative feedback

encourage each rider to perform at the best of THEIR ability

most of all to enjoy cycling as a sport


the camp will start at 10am until 3pm with a 45 minute lunch break at 12 : 30 pm each day

No child will be allowed leave early unless parents have requested in writing and have spoken to a coach

what if’s

it rains we have full use of the indoor facility so there will be no problem

child becomes ill or sick parents will be notified immediately and we will act on their doings , if a the parent is unavailable the club will seek medical advise from a trained professional

bike problems we will ensure that club mechanic will have a proper look over the bike on site , (kids will also be instructed on bike repairs )


If a child has a been seen on more than one occasion disrupting the classes with silly behaviour he or she will be asked to leave

If the child uses bad language or becomes absusive to one of the staff he will not be given a second chance to return to the camp and parents will be notified immediately .

the camp is for all to enjoy in the best way possible


35 with helmet 25 without helmet

What to Bring

helmet where needed , warm cloths , rain gear , lunch , water bottle ( no sports drinks) ,any medication the child is on, bike in good running order , change of clothes if needed,

also please ensure the childs pants isnt too baggy as this can cause accidents on the bike by snagging in the chain,

any problems contact

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