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Historic Day ahead for Limerick’s newest club

Almost a year old cycle 4 sick children /Hibernia CT cycling club will take part in the cycling Pursuits Cup in Broadford Co.Limerick Six Riders take on the Cycling Pursuits Cup in Broadford tomorrow , Amazingly four of them have never competed in racing before .John Higgins raced last weekend and finished 25th in a strong field ,Aidan Quigley has completed an Ironman along with other massive event it’s the power houses first event this year.Higgins has discribed the new look race team as ” exciting and refreshing” when asked about tomorrow’s race he said ” he is still on a great high but is nervous about tomorrow”

Hugh Dunne said “he is nervous but really looking forward to the new challenge ” Eddie O’Connell said ” best of luck to all the lads in the race ,hope we can all helpeach other right to the finish” Liam Mulcahy who’s last race was in 1989 said ” it’s great to be back but nerves are hard to control” .Paul McGEE would not speaking to media at the present time .

Best wishes to all the lads , Clubs spin is being led by Martin Doherty from Pier One at 8 30 and Ben Murphy and Elaine Barry will be in the UL to take psart in the Subway Sprocket Rocket Programme

So big day ahead let’s see how we fair out

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